DOB: 1/31/2009 (DECEASED)
Reg: AAA +16388600

Dam: SydGen Forever Lady 4087

Maternal Brother: SydGen C C & 7

Believed by many to be the best sire out of SydGen Forever Lady 4087. Big, stout soggy son of Contact purchased from the 2010 Midland Bull Test in Montana. Being used Coast to Coast A. I. due to his offspring's moderate birth weights, outstanding performance & exceptional scan data for IMF. Wake has the best feet & legs of any bull we've ever seen and was a a sound breeding machine until 10 years old. Wake Up Call is a maternal brother to Googol, Magnitude, King W010 and CC&7. He played a monumental role in our herd.  


Semen $25 Certificates $40

Sire: SydGen Contact

MGS: SydGen 1407 Corona 2016

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